Selection of logos, visual identity and custom letterforms

Lots of Atoms

Graphic design, Illustration and Printmaking lable based in Tartu, Estonia

Logo Design

Tartu Interdistsiplinaar

International interdisciplinary contemporary arts festival, Estonia

Logo, Visual Identity, Merch and Communication Design, Poster and Exhibition Design **


Tigran Hamasyan‘s sixth studio album released at Nonesuch Records

Art Direction, Custom Letterforms, Layout Design

City of Tartu 2014 Culture Bearers Awards

City of Tartu awards the honorary title of ‘Tartu Culture Bearer’ to individuals and collectives
who have stood out in Tartu’s cultural life during the year.

Series of 10 Graphical Variations, Award Design, Printmaking

Photos courtesy of City of Tartu and Postimees

Maternity Center of Armenia

Custom Lettering Logo, Visual identity, Communication Design *

AJZ Space

Independent gallery and artist residency in Yerevan, Armenia

Logo System


Armenia's pionering cash payment terminal systems, est. 2007

Custom Lettering Logo, Visual Identity, Communication Design *

Public Council of Armenia

Custom Lettering Logo, Visual identity, Communication design *


State Chamber Choir of Armenia

Custom Lettering Logo

Helix Consulting

Armenia’s leading digital agency est. 2006

Custom Lettering Logo *


Laser physics research and production plant, Armenia

Logo, Visual Identity, Communication Design *

Muusika, mida ma veel ei tea

Aleksandr Heifets documentary, Estonia

Custom Lettering, Visual Identity, Poster Design, Illustration, Film titles, Film Credits Layout **

Delivery Club

Delivery Club is Russia's largest meal delivery firm

Original Logomark Created in 2009 *


Armenian news agency established in 2008 *

Custom Lettering Logo

Armenian sports news agency

Logotype *

Kunsttherapiezentrum Dresden

Visual Identity, Custom Lettering

* Projects commissioned through Helix Consulting
** Projects commissioned through Lots of Atmos OÜ