Selection of editorial illustrations

Yerevan Magazine

Smell of money

Awarded Lürzer's Archive Special's 200 Best Illustrators 2011/12 worldwide

Politico Europe

EU Opens Door for China to Steal West’s Tech Secrets

The New York Times Op-Ed

Israeli–Palestinian conflict peace attempts and keeping the fundamental non–reconciliation intact


Cover for an issue about coronavirus pandemic

The New Republic

Why Do Americans Have So Few Rights? How we came to rely on the courts, instead of the democratic process, for justice.

Commissioned by Pentagram for Wharton Magazine

The authors of “The Ostrich Paradox” explain why we’re underprepared for disasters, how to better strategize for crisis, and identify the key flaw to most organizational risk management plans.

The New York Times Sunday Review

The moral case for drones

Politico Europe

The battle for your savings is only just beginning


Questioning the legitimacy of online voting

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